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At Warith, we aim to create an environment that enables our people to find value and meaning in their work, and to deliver outstanding performance for our customers, shareholder and communities. This is essential to our success and is performed through our focus on the following areas: 

Robust Talent Development & Training Programmes
We provide ample opportunities for learning and growth by offering in-house training as well as public programmes, workshops and seminars to all our employees.

Driving Leadership
Our efforts to achieving great leadership does not stop at the top management level. We prepare our talents early to create a strong line-up of future leaders. Through our award-winning Leadership Development Programme, high potential employees are earmarked and rigorously assessed to determine their individual strengths and areas of development.

Performance & Rewards
We strive towards making pay-for-performance a reality through a reward system that ensures the overall company and specific business results, as well as individual performance and behaviours, are reflected in each employee’s reward.

Employee Engagement
We promote an ongoing and open dialogue among our people through forums and surveys, as well as through a strong culture of leadership and candid feedback between managers and employees. We also strongly encourage employee volunteering as a way to support our communities and acquire new skills.

Diversity & Inclusion
We are committed to developing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture of our workforce.

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