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How many of us have put aside some savings to use when we encounter an unexpected financial crisis? We spend years of planning towards a comfortable future but sometimes still not enough to take care of things that matter in our life. Whether you are planning to perform Hajj or Umrah, building education or retirement fund or simply having some extra cash to enjoy a nice vacation with your family, you need a reliable plan that fulfils your every quest in life.

PruBSN UmmahLink takes you one step ahead in growing your savings whilst providing you with the necessary protection for your life plans. With PruBSN UmmahLink, you will receive back your savings through cash payout every two years, enjoy life and financial protection as well as having information at your fingertips that will take you a step closer towards life fulfilment.

Product Features

Contribution Term Up to 80 years old.
Minimum Monthly Contribution RM150 (The contribution includes the contribution of CashBuilder which is based on the cash payout).
Eligibility Age 19 to 70 years old.
Coverage Expiry 80 years old.
Minimum Sum Covered RM20,000
Maturity Benefit Remaining balance from investment accounts.
Death Benefit 100% of sum covered + remaining balance from investment accounts.
TPD Benefit 100% of sum covered + remaining balance from investment accounts and only up to 70 years old.
Critical Illness Benefit Not applicable.
Tax Exemption Up to RM6,000 under Life Insurance and EPF, subject to terms & conditions of Inland Revenue Board (IRB).
Features Badal Hajj Arrangement
If Death or TPD happens before performing Hajj, RM3,000 will be paid to nominee (preferable your next of kin) or Tabung Haji Travel & Services for them to perform Badal Hajj on behalf. Non-Muslim customers will be entitled for this benefit as an additional Compassionate Benefit.CashBuilder
Accumulate your savings through CashBuilder with cash payout every two years.

Double Takaful Benefit
Double basic sum covered amount in the event of loss of life or TPD during any Hajj or Umrah trip.

Compassionate Benefit
Provides RM2,000 for funeral expenses in the event of death.

Riders Attachable Medical, Accident, Contributor, Income, Investment

Note: Refer to our Rider Plans for detailed information.

Important Note This is a brief product description only. For exact details of terms and conditions, please refer to your certificate document.

You must ensure that you are satisfied that this product will best serve your needs and that the contribution payable under the certificate is an amount that you can afford.

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